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We very rarely think about our modern-day appliances and the systems that make our lives a bit more pleasant and bearable, such as our modern marvel of centralized air conditioning or that hot water heater that makes each morning that little more pleasant. In fact, those systems such as the home ducting, plumbing, and the essential water heater are at the periphery of our lives and are barely noticed, we are just focused on the fact that hot water (for instance) comes out of our faucets. It’s only when the warning signs of problems with that water heater become apparent that we realize the services of a water heater expert might be required.

Here are some of the signs that can mean that there may be an issue with a water heater that could require expert maintenance or even the replacement of the heater by a professional.

Discolored Water In American Fork Can mean Water Heater Problems

If your hot water appears dirty or discolored or is gritty to the touch it may be an issue with the anode in the hot water heater. These rods tend to wear out faster than the other components in the heater and require replacement, usually after a few years. In many instances the anode is made of materials such as magnesium – this helps to keep the unit corrosion free. If you see rusty or muddy-looking water or it is gritty that could mean that the anode has degraded to the point where corrosion is starting to affect the tank. Replacement is urgent and lack of maintenance may eventually cause the tank to fail due to excessive corrosion. You could do the replacement yourself – but it is preferable to bring in a water tank expert so that the problem is correctly diagnosed – and the anode is replaced with no fuss and bother – and that project does not eat into your valuable free time.

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American Fork Water that Smells Bad or Tastes Metallic

It is pretty unlikely that you are going to be drinking hot water straight out of the faucet, but it is used in food prep and you will inevitably get some in your mouth while showering. If you notice a metallic taste that could be from older iron pipes that are leaching metals into the system. this is a common problem in older houses. If the water has a distinct ‘rotten egg’ smells it may be the result of anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that don’t need oxygen) breeding and living near the anode in your heater. This can be solved by replacing the anode with one that is manufactured with different materials – and cleaning the tank. Again – it’s possible to do yourself – but it’s time-consuming and requires the right tools and the ability to correctly identify the problem. If you are in Utah or Salt Lake county it is a far easier and more effective solution to call in your local water heater expert.

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Water Heater Maintenance

Wet Spots

Your water heater is hardly going to be an obsession and inspecting both the heater itself and the floor surrounding it is not one of those tasks that fill most people with joy. However, make the effort to check it every now and then, especially if you are experiencing a loss of hot water, intermittent supply, or the hot water doesn’t seem to last as long as it used to.

if you spot standing water around the heating unit it’s likely the result of either a failure of the hot water relief valve or cracks (that may or may not be visible) in the tank. In either case, make that call to an experienced water heater specialist as soon as possible. Further cracking can lead to the complete failure of the system and it will require replacement (a professional company like Utah Water Heater Experts can help with both maintenance, repairs, and replacements). However, let an expert take a look, the solution can often be far less expensive and disruptive than a complete replacement.

Strange Sounds coming from your water heater

‘Knock Knock, who’s there?’ is a line that will bring a smile to any parent’s face, but if you are hearing knocks, pops rattles, or crackles from your heating system that’s no laughing matter. water heaters do make some noise while heating – but those noises shouldn’t be jarring or obtrusive. If you are hearing these sorts of noises then your water heater may just have a sediment problem.

The above are only some of the problems that might indicate it is time to call in the professionals. Make sure that the water heater repair specialist in American Fork that you choose has a 24-hour emergency service if it is after hours when you’ve found yourself in an emergency and that they are bonded, insured, and licensed.