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Are you not getting proper hot water from your water heater? Does your hot water smell foul? Is the hot water discolored? Have you noticed water puddles near the water heater? If you notice any kind of problem with your water heater, you should immediately schedule an appointment with Utah Water Heater Experts.

We offer affordable Bountiful Water Heater Replacement & Repair Services in all of Utah County and Salt Lake County. Our team is capable of repairing and replacing almost all the models of water heaters. We have decades of experience in this industry and we have an excellent reputation for integrity, transparency and reliability. All the technicians in our team are properly licensed, bonded, and insured.

Do not worry if your water heater develops a problem at night or on weekends. Give us a call and our experts will reach out in no time.

Signs of a Failing Water Heater In Bountiful

There are a few things that can save you from expensive repairs or complete replacement of your water heater. If you notice these signs, you should immediately schedule an appointment with our team of experts and if possible, we could repair the fault at a low cost.

Technician Fixing top of water heater
Multiple Water Heaters

Cold water

If your water heater is not working and you are not getting hot water, it is quite obvious that you need to call an expert to take a look and fix the issue. It is important that you do not try to fix it on your own as you could make the problem worse or get injured.

Strange noises

If you hear some strange noises in the house when it should be completely quiet, check your hot water heater. Sometimes, water heaters start making such noises due to burnt-out heating elements or some kind of buildup in the tank or for some other reason.


The area around your water heater should be completely dry and clean. If there are puddles, there is a possibility that the water tank is leaking. It could be a micro crack and that crack should be fixed immediately before it leads to a complete failure.

Discoloration or foul smell

Water that is discolored or emanating a foul smell indicates a faulty water heater.

Should You Repair or Replace Water Heater In Bountiful?

There are times when it is better to completely replace the existing water heater with a brand-new system as the system is beyond recovery or you would have to spend an excessive amount of money on repairs. Water heaters usually have a service life ranging from 8 to 12 years. Keep in mind that this expected service life is only for those water heaters that are maintained properly.

If the tank is leaking or you are not getting hot water even after replacing a few components, it would be better to replace the entire unit.


Professional Water Heater Repairs In Bountiful, UT

Once you schedule an appointment, our technician will give you a call before they reach your property at the appointed date and time.

They will take a look and start some diagnostic tests to figure out the root cause. If things can be repaired, they will inform you and give you an estimate. They will make the necessary repairs if you agree.

If there is extensive damage and the only sensible decision is to replace the unit, we will make that recommendation but it is up to you to accept it. We will provide an estimate and the time needed for replacement.

We stand behind our work when providing affordable Bountiful Water Heater Repairs and this is why we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our customers. If things are not working after we have finished our work, we will come back and fix things to your satisfaction.

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How to Maintain Your Water Heater?

Water heaters are sturdy and there should not be a problem in usual circumstances but only if you maintain them properly. Follow the steps discussed below to maintain your water heater and keep it working for its expected service life.

Remove sediment buildup with regular flushing
Insulate the pipes and the water heater
Keep checking the pressure relief valve
Call an expert if there are any signs of leaks or some other issue

Bountiful Water Heater Replacement & Repair Service

Here at Utah Water Heater Experts, we take pride in our work. Our team of technicians has been offering water heater repairs and replacement solutions for several years. We are a properly insured, bonded, and licensed service.

We have experience in repairing all the major brands of water heaters. We believe in customer delight and complete transparency. Before we begin the work, our technicians will provide you with a written estimate. We will start working only when you approve the estimate.

We offer 24 x 7 emergency service throughout Bountiful. We also offer installation of new water heaters including tankless systems. If your system is beyond repairs, our technicians can provide you with an estimate for a completely new system.

You will be 100% satisfied with our services. All our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Give us a call today to know more.