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When one looks back toward antiquity it becomes obvious that we are living in an age of wonder – especially when it comes to the comforts of modern appliances and systems in our homes. With Utah Water Heater Experts, we work to ensure that comfort is maintained with our licensed, bonded, and insured professional technicians providing Holladay Water Heater Repair & Replacement services 24/7.

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The Importance of Water Heater Maintenance In Holladay

Today we have refrigerators that keep our food and beverages fresh and where necessary cold, we have temperature-controlled environments, and gas or electricity allows us to function any time of the day or night. We also have systems that allow us to enjoy levels of cleanliness and hygiene that were not so long ago the stuff that dreams were made of. Our bathrooms and kitchens have hot and cold running water at the turn of a faucet, even the famous systems in use by citizens of the Roman Empire pale in comparison.

However, sometimes these systems are very much in the background of our lives, it is a case of out of sight and out of mind. Hot water heaters and HVAC systems make life convenient and pleasurable – until something goes wrong.

For instance, the failure of a hot water heater in a Holladay, Utah has the potential to severely disrupt our home life.

But that failure is usually preceded by some warning signs. Homeowners and their families should be aware of these. Making that call to a trusted professional supplier of hot water repair services – and where necessary replacement of units can make a huge difference in our home lives. If your hot water supply shows any of these signs it’s time to hit the speed dial. That’s what we’re here for, available 24/7 for your Holladay Water Heater Repair emergencies.

1. Disruptions in Supply

One of the first indications that something may be amiss with your hot water heater is a complete failure in the supply of hot water. However, there may be periods where you notice that the hot water is running out faster than normal or that the supply is erratic.

The first step that you can take is to make sure that the switch for your hot water unit is actually in the ‘on’ position. Sometimes trips to circuit breakers can interrupt power to the hot water heater.

If everything on the circuit side of things checks out then there may very well be a problem with the element in the unit that heats the water, alternatively, the problem may lie with the thermostat. In either case, it’s time to call in a professional to rectify the situation – or to gauge if there is another problem.

2. Unusual Sounds

If you can hear your hot water unit making ‘clanking’, popping, or knocking noises there is the possibility that there is sediment in the unit that is affecting the proper flow of water. This can be caused by sediment heating.

The issue can usually be solved by flushing out the tank which will get rid of any mineral or sediment present. This is one of those projects that a moderately handy homeowner will be tempted to take on themselves. It is far better to call in a professional who has experience in sorting out the issue (it could be something different), and besides your most valuable asset is time – get the job done by someone who can make sure that it is done quickly and with a minimum of disruption to the household.

3. Strange Taste or Smell

Sometimes the hot water will taste metallic or have a distinct ‘rotten egg’ smell. These issues are usually the result of two problems. That metallic taste can be the result of iron pipes in older plumbing systems degrading. That ‘rotten egg’ smell is usually a sign that anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that do not require oxygen) are flourishing in the hot water unit between the anode and the water. This can usually be solved by replacing the anode with one that is made from a different material. In both these cases, the services of a specialist are required to solve the problem.

4. Leaking Water

Inspect your tank if your hot water supply is not what it should be (running out quickly, or complete failure). If there are puddles of water on the floor then immediately switch off the power supply to the system (if it is electrical, not gas). As we all know water and electricity do not mix well. The reasons behind these puddles can be anything from overpressure, sediment, physical aging leading to cracks, or a malfunctioning pressure relief valve. This is one of those cases where the heater is at risk of complete failure – and the services of a maintenance or replacement expert are absolutely necessary.

These are only some of the issues that could be signs of imminent hot water heater failure in homes across Utah and Salt Lake counties. Make sure that you have the number of professional, bonded, licensed, and insured hot water specialists such as Utah Water Heater Experts on speed dial. Also, make sure that they offer 24/7 hour emergency service. Unfortunately, emergencies don’t keep office hours.

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