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How to Identify Problems with your Water Heater In Heber, Utah

Each and every day millions of Americans, including homeowners in Heber, Utah wake up and prepare for another day in the office. Increasingly that office is at home, due to the changing nature of work. Even if they and many others are now taking their seats at a desk that is within their own homes, or are still commuting from suburbia to their place of work there are similarities in their morning rituals that have persisted for decades.

Wake, brush their teeth, perform the morning ablutions – and step into the shower to enjoy the refreshing feeling of hot water and perhaps their choice of body wash. But it is that shower that wakes and refreshes and leaves them alert and ready to face new challenges.

Sometimes we forget what a marvel it is that we have access to hot water with the simple twist of a faucet. It is a pleasure that not everyone on the planet enjoys – and one that is part of the modern miracles of technologically advanced appliances and systems that make life in the 21st century so pleasurable and convenient. It is easy to forget the systems that make the modern home tick over, it’s a case of out of sight, out of mind. How often do we think of the technology that makes our HVAC systems such an important part of our lives, or our water heater? That is until the warning signs of imminent failure become too obvious to ignore. It is important to have someone to call in that situation and that’s what our technicians at Heber Water Heater Replacement and Repair Services are there for.

Installing Water Heater

Here are only some of the signs that your water heater is in danger of failure and that the services of a professional water heater repair or replacement company such as Utah Water Heater Experts might be urgently required.

1. Unexpected Noises

If the sound of snaps, crackles, and pops is not caused by your breakfast cereal in the morning then your water heater might just have a sediment problem that is affecting the heater’s performance. It’s not unusual for water heaters to make sounds while it heats – but if these sounds become intrusive then a professional should be called in to flush the heater.

This problem can affect both gas and electric heaters and flushing can be performed by a reasonably skilled and handy homeowner. However, as with most maintenance, it’s going to take time. Time is precious in our increasingly stressful and busy lives, would you rather be flushing a water heater or enjoying time relaxing or in the company of family and friends? The help of an experienced professional will ensure that the job is done right and that disruption to the household is kept to a minimum.

Performing Water Heater Maintenence

2. Strange Tastes and Smells

If your hot water tastes metallic then you are probably resident in an older home with iron plumbing pipes. That taste is those pipes aging and releasing metallic compounds into the water. this is one of those instances when the DIY approach is simply not recommended – the problem may lie in the plumbing system itself – and that is going to require the attention of an expert. Metals in your water can have a variety of unpleasant health implications. Make a call to your trusted water heater and plumbing specialist as a matter of urgency.

Water that smells like sulfur (it’s similar to the smell of rotten eggs) can be a sign that anaerobic bacteria are breeding and flourishing in the water heater. The problem may lie in the interaction between these bacteria and the anode rod in the heater which can affect older homes. It can be addressed by replacing the anode rod with a modern unit that is manufactured using different materials and cleaning/flushing the tank.

Again this is a project that most homeowners can rectify with enough time, correct identification of the problem, and the application of the right tools and some elbow grease. But again, time is the most valuable asset that you have – do you want to spend it maintaining a water heater? Of course, getting that water heater back to perfect operational status requires the right tools and the knowledge that the problem has been correctly identified. It is far more effective to reach out to a professional who will get the job done quickly, cost-effectively, and with a minimum of fuss and bother.

3. The Tank is Leaking

If you are experiencing a lack of hot water, hot water that seems to run out more quickly than it has in the past – or simply no hot water at all then pay your water heater a visit. If you spot wet patches around the heater that can be a sign that it is leaking. If you do spot these wet patches then immediately turn off the electrical supply to the heater (if you have an electrically powered heater) or switch off the gas. In the case of electrical heaters that combination of standing water and electricity can present a very real danger to the occupants of the home.

The problem can also lie in a malfunctioning water pressure release valve or the buildup of sediment.

This is one of those cases where time is of the essence. Cracks tend to multiply and the situation may be dangerous. If the cracks advance you may need to have the water heater replaced completely. if it is another problem such as the valve or sediment that issue needs to be identified. Correct identification of the issue requires years of experience – and a professional water heater specialist is required.

These are only some of the indicators that your water heater needs urgent attention. Make sure that the water heater expert you have on speed dial in Heber, Utah offers 24/7 emergency help, and that they are experienced, as well as bonded, licensed, and insured. These are among the key factors that will provide you with the peace of mind that help (be it maintenance or heater replacement) is just a phone call away.

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