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The simple water heater is a fairly common component of modern homes and businesses, but also a pinnacle of modern invention and the dream of civilizations since time immemorial. Like many of our modern conveniences, it is only appreciated as the marvel it is when it suddenly ceases to function properly.

If your home or commercial location has been deprived of hot water due to a faulty water heater, call the services of Utah Water Heater Experts. We have been in business at our Highland Water Heater Repair location since 2018 and have made a name for ourselves as reliable local experts in all things related to water heaters and maximizing the value of these investments.

Furthermore, we offer our top rated services at a competitive price and all hours of the day, 7 days a week. We fully understand that water heater issues can arise at any moment and hope to be there to provide fast assistance in your hour of need. If your home or commercial location’s water heater has gone on the blink or is showing signs of trouble call the Utah Water Heater Experts at 801-441-4134.

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Signs To Repair Your Hot Water Heater In Highland, UT


Water heaters have seen a great advancement in their design and construction since the advent of modern materials. Therefore, they will rarely break down without warning. Here are some of the signs that your water heater needs some professional attention.

Lack of Hot Water

The most common sign that your water heater is having trouble is if it stops delivering hot water or takes a very long time to do so. This can be caused by an array of smaller issues. If you notice that the temperatures of your hot water are failing, don’t keep raising the thermostat, this will only increase your energy bills and prolong the problem. The only thing to do in this situation is to call in the local water heater experts.

Strange Noises

A water heater that is functioning as intended, should do so in silence. If you begin to notice sounds of sloshing, gurgling, bubbling, hissing, or clunking coming from the inside of your water heater, something is wrong. Call Utah Water Heater Experts by phone and we will dispatch a solution to your location.

Puddles Near Your Water Heater

If you notice moisture in any quantity coming from your water heater, you can be sure that there is a problem. Water heaters are designed with leak proof tubes, containers, and hoses to prevent water from escaping and thereby causing damage. If you notice this problem, shut off the water and the heating element of your water heater as fast as you can — call [phone] to get immediate assistance with your water heater.

Water Heater Removal

These are only a few of the issues that can arise from your faulty water heater. If you begin to notice anything else going wrong that was not mentioned here, call us right away and we will diagnose the issue and provide expert advice on how to take the most cost-effective action, be that repairing or replacing your water heater.

Do you need Highland Water Heater Repair or Replacement?

If you have noticed that your water heater is not functioning as it ought to be, you are probably hoping that repairs will solve the issue and you will not be facing the full costs of a replacement. Sometimes this will be the case, but you can count on us to provide you with our expert diagnosis and assessment for your water heater. If repairs will be needed regularly to keep your water heater in operation, it may be best to replace it.

What to Consider when Deciding Between Repairs and Replacements:

Older water heaters — a water heater that has been faithfully functioning for many years will eventually reach the point where its efficiency and functionality are severely impaired. In this instance, it would be better for your budget to replace the water heater and avail yourself of a fully operational heater at full efficiency.

Leaks — leaking can be caused by a variety of issues. A major leak can be a sign that your water heater should be replaced if it were to happen again and not be caught in time, the costs for water remediation and repairs could be astronomical.

Level of maintenance — a properly maintained water heater will often outlast its expected service life. By the same measure, water heaters that don’t receive proper maintenance are often prone to early retirement.




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Highland Hot Water Heater Replacement

If repairs are not possible and you will need to replace your water heater, we can help you here as well. Our extensive experience in providing hot water to commercial and domestic locations provides us with the capacity to maximize the value of your water heater investment.

We can calculate the amount of hot water your location requires and help you choose the best options for your situation. This will provide you with the most cost-effective option for your needs

Highland Expert Water Heater Maintenance by Utah Water Heater Experts

Water heaters may be our area of expertise, but our business is building long-lasting relations with our valued clients. From the selection and installment of your water heater to the regular care and maintenance that will keep it functioning perfectly, it is our goal to add value to your life and budget.

Call us at 801-441-4134 to have your water heater systems serviced, maintained, or replaced.

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